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The Mole Betrayal



Episode #1:
- Guesses incorrectly in the "Burn the Bags" game
Episode #2:
- A known light-eater, got a chance at an exemption, by eating the last piece of cake, her second piece of the night.
- Dorothy lured Katie out of her room, costing the team $1000
Episode #3:
- Gets neutralized by Myra, suggesting that Myra thinks Dorothy is the Mole.
Episode #4:
- Earns another exemption for herself and two others by answering two of the hardest brainteasers in less than a minute when no one else can.
Episode #5:
- Gets sick and never returns to give her answer in the Think or Sink game.
Episode #6:
- Struggles with the riding the bike, and forces Darwin and Elavia to do most of the riding.
Episode #7:

Created by Mateui N.