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The Mole Betrayal



Episode #1:
- None
Episode #2:
- Complained about not being able to participate in the "High Card" Game, arousing suspicions that she was supposed to be in the game for a reason.
Episode #3:
- Loses her balances in the Little Jane/Little John game without even getting hit.
Episode #4:
-Gets a question wrong in the Rappel game, even though she knew Bob's birthday.
Episode #5:
- Gives up the exemption by letting Myra and Al out of their cells.
Episode #6:
- Touches a bike even after Anderson told the players that they weren't allowed to touch any of them, thus fining the team.
Episode #7:
- Guesses correctly that an exemption lies inside the gnome but doesn't break it open. 

Created by Mateui N.