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The Mole Betrayal



Episode #1:
- Quickly creates a coalition with Heather in the Mountain Hut
Episode #2:
- Quickly spreads the rumour of Ali's and Brib's fake exemption, causing the team to go paranoid
Episode #3:
- Reads Patrick's journal after telling him that she won't read it.
Episode #4:
- Starts trouble, and eventually costing the team $5000, by telling the team that there were pages ripped in Patrick's old journal.
Episode #5:
- Doesn't notice the missing 'G' in the Think or Sink game.
Episode #6:
- Spends time searching in an Italien dictionary in order to pronounce verbs during the Homemade Pizza game. 
Episode #7:
- Trades the exemption helmet with Bribs because it hurts her nose.

Created by Mateui N.