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The Mole Betrayal
Episode #4: Games

The Games of Episode #4

The Rappel Game:
  Al was selected to be the trusted player. The other 4 people chosen were Heather, Elavia, Bribs, and Darwin. These 4 players had to rappel down a damn and read one of four questions. Once they got the answer and rappelled to the bottom, they would have to radio Al on a walkie talkie and give him the correct answer. 
  After the four answers are collected and given to Al, he must rappel head first and down into a clearing with a tresure chest. He must use the 4 answers to open a lock on the chest to open it. If the chest opens $35,000 will be gained.
GAME WORTH: $35,000
The Morality Game:
  The team encounters two beautiful woman, and one elderly lady who have a flat tire on there cars. Not knowing that this is a game, if the players help both the beautiful and elderly women, they will gain $30,000. If they only help the beautiful woman, they will not gain anything.
GAME WORTH: $30,000
GAINED: $30,000
The Dumb Vs. The Smart Game:
  The players that didn't get to compete in the Rappel Game get to play in this one. Three people are chosen to be dumb, and three people are chosen to be smart. The dumb players are: Katie, Patrick, and Myra. The smart players are: Dorothy, Rob, and Bill.
  The dumb players get to choose five brain teasers out of ten which they think that the smart players cannot get. If the smart players do not answer any of the questions correctly, then the dumb players will all receive an exemption. However, if the smart players answer all the questions correctly they will recieve an exemption. 
  For every question answered correctly the team will receive $10,000.
GAME WORTH: $50,000
GAINED: $50,000
EXEMPTED: Dorothy, Rob, and Bill  

Created by Mateui N.