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The Mole Betrayal
Episode #5: Games

The Games of Episode #5

Think or Sink:
  In the game, Think or Sink, three runners were chosen to provide answers to three questions. The three chosen were Rob, Dorothy, and Elavia. There were also three swimmers chosen. They were: Bill, Bribs, and Darwin. 
  One player must be treading water at all times in order for the game to continue. Every few minutes, a weight would be added to one player. The game goes on until all of the swimmers stop treading water. After the three questions are answered, the talker, which was Katie, must move the answers to a second board in order to unscramble the phrase.

Game worth: $20,000
Won: $0
Get the Key:
  Heather, Al and Myra are placed in three separate cells and have three hours to escape. They are given various objects in their cells and must work together to get a key hanging on a light bulb. If they fail, they will be spending the entire night in jail.
  Unknowingly, the person who should wound up with the key would get a chance at exemption, if they left the other two in their cells.

Game worth: $40,000
Earned: $40,000

Created by Mateui N.