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The Mole Betrayal
Episode #6: Games

The Games of Episode #6

The Biking Game:
 Two teams of three players have an hour and forty-five minutes to bike up a mountain in Barga, pick up two bottles of wine and arrive at dinner with the bottles intact. Team one was Al, Bribs, and Heather. Team two was Elavia, Darwin, and Dorothy. 
Game worth: $20,000
Won: $20,000
The Pizza Game:
  Myra, Katie and Bill have to make at least three 12 inch pizzas by going door to door begging for the ingredients and an oven to cook them in.

Game worth: $20,000
Earned: $20,000
Least Favorite Player:
  The players must rank which players they like, from most to least. The least-liked player, Elavia, is offered an exemption, or $15,000 for the pot. She takes the exemption for herself, hence staying the least-liked player in the game.

Game worth: $15,000
Earned: $0


Created by Mateui N.