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The Mole Betrayal
Episode #7: Games

The Games of Episode #7

  Four players must act as gladiators protecting their Caesar from five gladiator opponents. The four guardians are Bribs, Darwin, Al, and Katie. Caesar is Dorothy. If the players can 'kill' their opponents, by breaking an egg filled with red dye, and protect the crown atop Caesar's head, they will win $30,000.
  Unbeknownst by the players, Bribs is appointed Brutus, and will be given an exemption if he sabotages the challenge by killing his fellow guardians and removing the crown from Caesar. 
Game worth: $30,000
Won: $30,000
Gnome Home:
  Heather, Bill, and Elavia have to carry a ceramic gnome across a finish line in 30 minutes. The catch is that the gnome will be greased and if it breaks, the game is over. There are three legs to the race and the players must decide if they'll run with the gnome, bike with it, or push it in a stroller to the finish line for $30,000.
  Also unbeknownst to the players is that there is an exemption inside the gnome, and the player breaking it would receive it.
Game worth: $30,000
Earned: $0

Created by Mateui N.