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The Mole Betrayal



Episode #1:
- Shows no emotions as all the bags burn
Episode #2:
- Refuses to wear the diaper, not adding money to the pot
Episode #3:
- Tells Al that he wants to earn any exemptions himself
Episode #4:
-Gives up during the Dumb vs. Smart game and lets Dorothy and Rob try and figure out the word scramble brainteaser.
Episode #5:
- Treads water for only eight minutes before he sinks, in the Think or Sink game.
Episode #6:
- Eats some ice cream even though the players were told that pizza was the only thing they were allowed to eat.
Episode #7:
- Earns an exemption by breaking the gnome in the Gnome Home game. This forfeits the winning of $30,000 to the pot. 

Created by Mateui N.